The Belkin Tablet Stage vs The Belkin Tablet Stands

When you purchase a tablet, some of the first things that come to mind are portability and device security. However, if you decide to use it at home or in a business/educational environment, then you need to consider purchasing some kind of a stand. The various Belkin Tablet Stands and the Belkin Tablet Stage are some great options that will help you have the best experience when using your tablet.


If you are looking for a slick design then you are on the right track with either the Belkin Stand or the Belkin Stage. Both devices look amazing and come in a wide range of choices. Additionally, they provide complete support for a large number of models which is really impressive.


The Stand is designed to be lightweight, so it may be a little more easily susceptible to getting damaged. The Stage model on the other hand is much sturdy and durable which makes it the better choice if you are looking for durability and expect more heavy use or expect that other people will be handling your device.


The Belkin Tablet Stage is really nice but unfortunately it’s a little heavy for carrying around, which is the price you pay for the fact that it’s studier. This is why it’s more suitable for use in settings such as laboratories. The Belkin Stand on the other hand can easily be moved around since it’s lightweight and you can carry it anywhere you want without any hassle. In the end, the tablet is a portable device, so if you need a stand you may prefer to select the one that can be carried around. It all depends on the use of the tablet, and whether portability is crucial for your needs.

Recommended Use

The Stage model is suitable for laboratories, classrooms and even business use. It’s an incredible tool that offers all the necessary tools to held amazing presentations. The Stand model on the other hand can be used in the places described above, but it can also be used at home as well. The easier maneuverability and smaller size make it perfect for home use.

Distinct features                 

The Stage model definitely outshines the Stand when it comes to the number of features. It has a case compatible design, an integrated cable management system and it even integrates projector or monitor pairing. This can be a great deal for those that want a professional tablet stand, which the Belkin Tablet Stage is. In comparison, the tablet stand is less professional, instead it comes with a familiar design that does however produce the results you might expect from such a tool. Yes, it might not have the impressive design brought by the stage model, but it does its work well.


In the end, choosing one of the 2 tablets depends on the type of environment you want to use it. In an educational environment, the Stage model is a lot more useful, and it can bring the same ease of use in the business environment as well. However, if you are a teacher and you don’t take a class in a laboratory, then the Stand model will suffice. The Stand can also be a great choice for home users that want to get the most out of their tablets as well. Both devices work great though and they will certainly bring you the ease of use that you need, so no matter which one you choose, you are bound to make a great choice!