The Belkin Tablet Stage

Tablets have become more than simple entertainment tools. Tablets are now used for different purposes and in diverse environments such as businesses, schools, and even in industry. This is where the need for a stand comes in, since it can be hard to keep the tablet in your hand for a prolonged period of time while doing other tasks, not to mention that won’t look professional at all. This is where the Belkin Tablet Stage comes in, as this is the next generation stand that you were looking for your tablet.

Design and features

Right from the start you can see that the Belkin Tablet Stage comes with a very unique, beautiful design. But the design is not all that matters for Belkin, as the stand is adjustable vertically and it also has a rotating arm which makes the whole process of moving the tablet effortless.

Thanks to the freedom of movement, the Belkin Stage is very good for presentations in classrooms or conferences or similar settings. But you can do much more than simple presentations; you can also open textbooks, worksheets or any other document on the tablet, then use the included LED to illuminate the work area. Thanks to the stable, sturdy position, the tablet can be connected to a monitor, TV or project quickly in order to show the content on a larger screen.

We also liked the fact that the overall design of the Belkin Tablet Stage makes it compatible with tablet cases so if you have one on your tablet you won’t feel a difference.


The adjustable platform is by far one of the major benefits provided by the Stage and it does work seamlessly. You can place the tool in any position you want, then start your presentation. Thanks to the sturdy position offered by it, you can easily capture images or even start a live streaming session. The whole stand is durable and really well made, so you certainly won’t have a problem using it for years and years.

The TV pairing feature works quite nicely and you won’t encounter any issues. Also, thanks to the integrated Belkin Stage app you can get some advanced video and drawing options, which are really nice. Belkin Tablet Stage is ideal for both schools and business use because you can easily interact with the audience, especially during presentations. The business compatibility comes from the fact that you can also record memos, talk with other members in your team or employees in a seamless manner.


We found the Belkin Tablet Stage to be one of the most advanced tablet stands on the market. Thanks to its sturdy construction and impressive appearance, Belkin Tablet Stage is one of the best tablet accessories that you can find right now on the market and its wide range of uses definitely recommends it for any environment, be it educational or business.

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