The Belkin Tablet Stands

Belkin is one of the major consumer electronics manufacturers in the world and one of the main specializations of the company comes in the form of connectivity devices. In order to help people that want accessories for their tablet, they recently released a Belkin Tablet Stand that allows users to watch a movie or make a presentation in a more comfortable manner.

Design and features

It’s important to state that the Belkin Tablet Stand comes in several different versions:  a simple universal tablet stand which is stackable and has many applications, a chef tablet stand, a kitchen tablet stand with a wand/stylus, a flip blade stand for iphones and tablets, and a more sophisticated larger tablet stand ideal for presentations. All these stands can come in handy both at home and at work since people store important documents and cookbooks and recipes in their tablets. The simple stand comes with a slick, stackable design that makes it usable just about anywhere, but alongside that it also brings a non-slip surface so the tablet will be kept securely as you use it.

Another interesting feature with these stands comes in the form of multiple viewing angles, so you can literally adjust them based on various necessities, which we found to be a really nice thing. The more complex model offers a transparent storage box which is stylishly designed so it looks stunning on your desk, while also providing you with a lot of practicality, which is really neat.


From our experience all these stands worked amazingly well. The storage function does come in handy especially if you use your tablet for productivity purposes, so keeping a pen, some notes and even important documents in it is very easy.

We were impressed by the fact that you can use the tablet in portrait or landscape mode without any problem, something that does come in handy when you want to communicate with others. This leads us to believe that the Belkin Tablet Stand is targeted towards business use, although people at home can use it just as easy.

Moreover, the ability to use them as a video recording stand is one of those features that definitely make the purchase well worth it. As expected, you can just place the tablet on the stand and start filming. You can also move the stand as you film, which is neat.

Belkin Tablet Stands comes in several colors, the universal one coming in a two tone green and two tone blue. The colors chosen for the device are perfect in our opinion because they look great with just about any type of tablet.

The Belkin Tablet Stand is also very portable, so if you want to take your tablet on a trick and need your stand, you can easily place it in your backpack without a hassle.


The Belkin Tablet Stands are beautifully designed tools that makes it very easy for you to keep your tablet sturdy and safe as you use it. Suitable for productivity or entertainment use, one thing is for sure, if you own a tablet, these stands are definitely highly recommended. They're quite reasonably priced as well, so you get a lot of features for a decent amount of money.